Token allocation

We have a wide variety in our token allocation and locking periods. We have kept 22.5% for liquidity, 20% for our marketing campaigns, and 13.9% for staking and trading rewards. We have allotted 15% for our community and 9% for team members and future team members. You can look at the chart for a detailed breakdown for better clarity.

Crickto is a decentralized sports betting platform. That means you get to perform transactions with complete transparency. Without any intermediaries, you are in total control of all the interactions with the platform. Let's look at some more features of our token.

No monopoly of single entity

It's not surprising to see how traditional betting platforms try to control the markets. They often interrupt with betting odds to maximize their profits. This becomes a barrier for players wanting to get the best out of their betting games. Users also face problems with transactions as the platforms don't allow instant deposits or withdrawals.

However, Crickto has brought a revolution in the online betting industry. We have changed the dynamics of online betting by introducing concepts like shared liquidity pools and blockchain networks. Hence, we have maximized the user experience by removing your petty worries about the platform.

CRICKTO token and CRICKTO chain

The CRICKTO token was introduced by Crickto to simplify interactions and our reward system. You can use CRICKTO token to participate in sports betting, donations, market predictions, NFT exchange, etc.

CRICKTO is the default token on Crickto, which is also the native token of our blockchain protocol. It is responsible for verifying complete transparency while validating the odds. You get access to the mathematical models working behind our gaming systems and providers. This is how we earn our user's trust.

Rewards and bonuses

Each player's rewards and bonuses are awarded based on the betting volume they acquire in their account per month. The rewards are sent in CRICKTO tokens when the cash-back is given. This helps us maintain complete transparency in rewarding users as per their contribution.

The decentralized system ensures that rewards are distributed appropriately. You also get a chance to spin the Wheel of Fortune upon crossing a certain betting threshold. This allows for winning exciting prizes.

VIP access and development fees

CRICKTO token holders are given special access to the beta versions of newly released products. This gives a chance of trying exciting applications before its official release date.

Third-party developers are also allowed to develop CRICKTO infrastructure. CRICKTO token holders can also vote and participate in the development process.


We believe in distributing prizes to give our users as per what they deserve. Hence, we give a percentage of our shared liquidity pool to players in the form of lotteries. Users are gifted lottery tickets which they can redeem to win some fantastic prizes depending on the tier system. Alternatively, you can also buy additional lottery tickets using CRICKTO tokens.

Donation and tips

We believe in offering complete freedom to players on our platform. Hence, with the option of making donations, you can express a thankful gesture to other players. This is particularly useful when users share market predictions and create content. Other users can show their appreciation by tipping them in CRICKTO tokens.

Amazing referral system

Crickto believes in growing together with its users. Hence, our referral system is built to give you attractive incentives every time you invite someone on the platform. The rewards are given in the form of CRICKTO tokens.

In simple terms, you can earn more tokens as our community and liquidity pool grows! This will popularize our platform, giving you more opportunities to participate in the games.

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