Road to futuristic betting

Before the end of year   2023, the Core Team will complete all the core functionality of the platform and release specific applications. In addition to product development, every phase includes thorough testing, bug detection process and a third-party security audit. Throughout the Crickto project development process, its core team strives to create a global community of players using the project and its features. In order to constantly improve user experience, the feedback received is carefully processed and handled.

The functionalities you can enjoy right now

Sports betting is the main feature on Crickto, which you can enjoy right now. We consider sports betting to be the most basic functionality of our platform. We will cover more on it later in the whitepaper. Next, let's look at which features will be added to our updates.

We will have three major updates of basic functionality
and after its implementation we will start adding the following features:

  • Market Prediction;
  • Cryptocurrency Price Prediction;
  • P2P Betting;
  • NFT Marketplace;

Blue update #MVP

Blue update marked the launch of Crickto's minimal viable product on 25th January. This served as a pilot for our platform, which went live for the first time publicly. The basic functionality, sports betting, was accessible after the blue update. Blue functioned only on BNB Chain, and only three betting pools were implemented - CRICKTO, WBNB, and BUSD. However, it was planned to add eight more betting pools to this.

Red update #Multichain

The Red update is all about improving and expanding Crickto's potential. We aim to add multiple EVM compatible chains apart from the BNB Chain. The new chains would include Polygon, Avalanche, and so on. We will also add some new pools to the platform.

The Red update will focus on improvement based on the feedback we received from users who used the blue version of Crickto. This would include redesigning the platform, scaling our protocol, and forming a connection of partner pools on different chains.

Pink update #Gamification

The Pink update will take Crickto to the next level in terms of participation. We will be implementing complete gamification of the platform along with custom user profile creation. We will add various incentives that will be provided to the users, such as:

  • Previous achievements in the form of quests;
  • Smooth referral system;
  • Option to have open discussions on your platform;
  • Allowing users to customize their platforms;

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