Mission and objectives

Crickto has been built looking at the current demands of the market. If you look at the official site of Crickto right now, you will see why we are different from others. Our team has relentlessly worked to develop a platform that solves all users' issues. Crickto's innovative platform interface is based on our extensive survey and research.

Our core team has analyzed the current market conditions, surveyed users, and tracked the loopholes in the betting industry. We have tested multiple designs, sign-up pathways, and betting pathways before making our system. This way we ensure that you get nothing but the best betting platform out there now. Crickto's mission and objectives are pretty straightforward. Let's look at what they are.

A truly decentralized platform

Decentralization is what users seek. Our main motto behind building Crickto was to make a genuinely decentralized betting platform. This shifts the control to our users with no centralized company in the play.

Eliminate middleman in online betting

One of the most significant plus points of decentralized platforms is that no mediator is involved. All the transactions are based on intelligent chain contracts, which run on complete auto-pilot mode.

This makes the user betting experience seamless and fair. No middleman means no extra or hidden charges are incurred from users. It's also a boon for the future of the online gambling industry.

A common liquidity pool

where users can contribute

A common liquidity pool where users can contribute

Using Web 3.0, we have created a shared liquidity pool for the users. That means users can contribute their liquidity to these liquidity pools.

Enhanced user experience

Are you bored of the old-school online gambling interfaces you see on most online betting platforms? Considering how online betting is limited to our computer screens, we have emphasized user experience.

The excellent platform design of Crickto immerses you in the betting experience. It's easy to find ongoing betting opportunities and place new bets on our platform. Hence, you get a premium betting experience without any hassle.

Expansion of the betting market

We believe that the betting market has enormous potential. Yes, it has become popular over the years. However, there is much more scope for expansion. People still don't trust betting platforms due to transactional and security issues. At Crickto, we aim to put an end to these problems.

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