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The cryptocurrency and betting market has grown by leaps and bounds. Thanks to the development of digital platforms that almost everyone can access. Experts have estimated the market capitalization to reach a whopping figure of $900 B.

Looking at the gambling market, the growth rate has been astonishing. In 2020, the market capitalization was at $606 M. This figure reached $64 B at the start of 2021. The popularity of blockchain technology and a decentralized environment has attracted the masses.

It has become tremendously easy for new users to enter this market. Complete transpa-rency and ease of access motivate more people to try gambling platforms. Not to mention, cryptocurrency holders have also shown interest in the gambling market. Most of the transactions on these platforms are carried out using cryptocurrencies.

Crickto has brought innovation to this market. We have simplified the use of DeFi systems. Smart contacts have made transactions rapid and hassle-free. Our shared liquidity pool provides complete transparency about where users' funds are going and how they are utilized.

Competetive advantages

Crickto is a platform that's one of a kind with its unique business model. There are no current direct competitors of Crickto in the market. This is why we are providing a rare opportunity for users. However, we have found some blockchain rojects which can be considered close competitors.

These competitors include platforms like Augur, Stox, Gnosis, and other traditional gambling platforms. The most significant competitive advantage over traditional book-makers is that Crickto users have smart contracts and an open-source code. Our concepts, such as liquidity pool and instant payouts, are also unique, which you cannot find in traditional betting platforms.

Some unique benefits that you can only enjoy on Crickto include our live betting games, peer-to-peer betting, and the concept of having no intermediaries. We have also introduced a single token for all transactions and a reward system. This is a unique concept that helps with distributing rewards and transactions.

You can look at the comparison chart below to understand the competitive advantages.

Sports betting

Transferring and depositing money with cryptocurrency can be a big hassle on platforms. Traditional online platforms which are not based on Web 3.0 can make it complicated. In many cases, users are often asked to use several different wallets or separate wallets.

Using multiple wallets means you have to sign up for them and manage them all together. However, Crickto believes in simplicity. You can just use one wallet like MetaMask or Trust Wallet to do all the transactions while depositing and withdrawing. Crickto can easily sync with your wallet using its Chrome extension.

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