Responsible gambling

How Crickto aligns

gambling with responsible

How Crickto
aligns gambling
with responsible

Responsible gambling is promoted to fight gambling addiction. Many limitations and self-exclusionary programs have been launched to protect users. The UK has blocked gambling transactions via credit cards. At Crickto, we completely align with the norms of responsible gambling. Let's look at how we promote responsible gambling.

User activity tracker️

Crickto tracks user activities for detecting any fraudulent and criminal behavior. We do this to prevent the possibility of any kind of money laundering. Our system uses smart contacts to process all transactions, making it almost impossible to transfer funds illegally.

Information privacy

Information privacy is an essential aspect of responsible gambling. We protect our user data using blockchain technology and full encryption. We don't store their data infinitely. In fact, our user data usually expires after 30 days.

Fair gaming practises

Crickto has been built keeping in mind the transparency that users demand. Hence, we have introduced concepts like a shared liquidity pool so that our users can see where their funds go. We also maintain ethical practices in determining the outcomes of our games, promoting fair gameplay.

Ethical marketing

Our marketing campaigns are entirely authentic. We only promote what we can offer. We believe in long-term growth, which can only be attained by users who trust us. Hence, we believe in marketing, which helps us acquire users and build rapport with them.

Preventing underage gambling

As a part of our efforts to promote responsible gambling, we do not allow the underage population to participate on our platform. It is also included in our terms of service that minors are allowed to sign up on Crickto.

User experience and customer satisfaction

We encourage customers to provide feedback on our platform. Users are free to have discussions and even create content on our platform. We are highly active when it comes to solving customer queries and complaints. Customers can also contact us via mail or our official social media channels to discuss any issues they face.

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