Betting rules and terms

Player (bettor) is a betting participant who entered into an agreement with a betting platform (Crickto).
Bet is an agreement concluded between the Player and the Betting pool on accepting bets from the participants of the agreement on the terms offered in the line of Crickto. According to the terms of the bet, a losing party shall fulfill its obligation. Line is a list of events offered by Crickto for betting on their outcomes that have certain winning odds.
Bid is a funds deposit used for wagering.
Outcome is the result of an event on which the Player made a bet with a Crickto.
Winning odds means quotes of various event outcomes offered by Crickto. Teams in the betting line are labeled "Team 1" (indicated by "1") and "Team 2" (indicated by "2"). At the same time, details of the event venue are for information purposes only.

General betting terms

The main activity of Crickto is to accept bets on sports competitions and other events, such as public, political, entertainment, or any other (hereinafter referred to as the "Events"). All Bids are accepted in strict accordance with these rules, which is a confirmation that the Player (bettor) is familiar with and fully agrees with the current rules. Crickto has no right to amend the above provisions, rules, and procedures of the payments. All bets are provided through smart contracts. In this case, all subsequent bets are accepted in accordance with the amendments to the rules, and the terms of previously made bets remain unchanged. Depositing and making bids are allowed only for Player of full age, who have full responsibility for the legality of gambling via the Internet in their country of residence and for providing information about wins or losses to the fiscal or law enforcement agencies of their region or country. Crickto cannot be held liable for any loss or damage claimed as incurred due to the content of the website of Crickto or its use. This provision applies equally to the Player's misuse of the content of the website of the bookmaker's platform, or inability to connect to or use the website, any errors, typos or omissions in the content of the website, as well as delays in its operation or data transmission due to technical failures. In relation to the general rules, priority is given to sport or competition rules. Crickto initially makes every effort to ensure that the content of the website is correct but due to various circumstances emphasizes that data on the current sports and other events is for information purposes only. Crickto is not liable for possible inaccuracies in the current score or time of the match, calling to use alternative sources of information on an ongoing basis.

Types of bets

Crickto offers the following betting options for sports and/or other events:

  • "Ordinar bet" means a bid on the outcome of an single event. The ordinar bet win is the product of the sum of bet and odds of the event;
  • "Combo" means a bet on several independent events. The "Combo" win is the product of the sum of bet by "Combo" odds, received by multiplying the odds of the outcomes of all events included in the "Combo". The "Combo" may include any combination of outcomes of unrelated events from any sports or other events. If all events are correctly predicted, the "Combo" is considered won. At least one incorrectly predicted event outcome means that the entire bet of this option is lost. The maximum odds value for "Combo" bets is 500. There shall be at least two events in one "Combo". And there can be no "System" bet option; It is forbidden to include different outcomes in the same event, as well as different bets on the same athlete in the same tournament (for example, winning a match and winning a tournament) in one "Combo", even if bets and events are not directly related. Taking into account the peculiarities of determining odds for certain types of outcomes (correctly predicted totals, handicaps, etc.), the final winning odds for all the above types of bets are determined. In case of cancellation or postponement of events for the period specified in these rules, odds equal to "1" are used to calculate such outcomes.

Main types of outcomes offered for betting

Bets are accepted on "To Win To Nil (Team or athlete 1)" (indicated in the line by "1"), a draw (indicated by "X"), or "To Win To Nil (Team or athlete 2)" (indicated by "2"). If the outcome of the match was predicted correctly, the bet is considered won.

"Double Chance (Team or athlete 1)" or a draw is indicated by "1X". To win a bet on such an outcome, the first team or athlete shall not fail. "Double Chance" (victory of the first or second team or athlete ) is indicated by the combination "12". A victory of one of the teams or athletes is necessary to win a bet with such an outcome. Double Chance (Team or athlete 2) or a draw is indicated by the combination "X2". To win a bet on such an outcome, the second team or athlete shall not fail.

Participant results. In such bets, it is necessary to predict whether the team or athlete will reach a certain stage of the competition (for example, 1/8, quarter-finals, semi-finals, finals, etc.), or what place he will take in the tournament or group. If the team or athlete declared in the tournament did not participate in the competition for some reason, then all bets on events with his participation are calculated with odds equal to "1".

"Who Will Go On". In the proposed pairs, it is recommended to name the team or athlete, who will go further in the tournament grid. The best will be considered the team or athlete who has gone further in the tournament grid. If both teams or athletes were eliminated from the competition at the same stage, or if one of the teams or athletes refused to participate in the competition before it began, winning odds for such bets are equal to "1".

"Winner". The team or athlete who takes first place in the tournament, or a participant in other non-sports events, who wins first place, is considered the winner. If a participant withdraws from the competition before the start of the tournament, winning odds for bets are considered to be equal to "1".

The "First Blood" bet involves killing the game character by the characters of the opposing team. The first kill on the map by the opponent's creeps/minions (without the help of allied characters) or neutral units is not counted. In this case, the bet remains valid until the first game character is killed by the opposing team.

The "First Roshan" bet means that the Player shall correctly predict which team will kill Roshan first.

The "Round Duration" bet means that the Player shall correctly predict the duration of the round in minutes (more or less than the suggested value). Only the whole number of minutes played is counted.

The Player can also bet on events with a handicap (indicated by "H"). The handicap assumed by the Player is added to the result of the selected team. The bet is considered won if the score for the chosen team is correctly predicted after the addition of the handicap. If a draw is resulted after adding a handicap, the bet is refunded and the "Combo" is calculated with winning odds of this event as equal to "1". If the other team wins after the addition of the handicap, the bet is a loser.

The Player can bet on the Total (indicated by "T" or "Total") which means the number of certain actions in the match. To win, you need a correct prediction of what number of specified actions will be performed in the match: more ("M") or less ("L").

A bet on the Individual Total of Teams (Participants) (indicated by "iT" or "iTotal") provides a prediction for the number of actions performed in the match for one of the teams or one of the participants of the competition. To win, a Player needs to correctly predict whether over (Ov) or under (Un) of the specified actions will be performed in the match by the selected team or participant. In the case of scoring. Total, the bet is refunded and "Combos" are calculated with winning odds of this event equal to "1".

Unless otherwise specified in the line, the Total, Handicap, Even/Odd total of the round, or individual total is indicated in "Deaths". "Death" is considered the death of a game character for any reason (caused by enemy unit, creeps, Roshan, etc.).

Double Asian Handicap is a bet on the game with a handicap in which the Handicap value (H) is multiple of 0.25, but not multiple of 0.5, for example: H = -0.25, +0.25, -0.75, +0.75, etc. Such a bet is interpreted as two (simple, "half") bets with the same odds and with the nearest common Handicap value (H1 = H - 0.25 and H2 = H + 0.25). The amount of each "half" bet is equal to the half of the "Double" bet amount.

Double Total Bet is a Total bet in which the Total value (T) is multiple of 0.25, but not multiple of 0.5, for example: T = 2.25, 2.75, 3.25, etc. Such bet is interpreted as two (simple, "half") bets at the same odds and with the nearest common Total value (T1 = T - 0.25 and T2 = T + 0.25). The amount of each "half" bet is equal to the half of the "Double" bet amount.

The following examples are simplified four options of settlement for such "Double" bets:
K(g) - general odd for bet;
K - place bet odd;
k1 - the odd of the first half bet;
k2 - the odd of the second half bet;

Result of the first half bet Result of the second bet Calculation of K(g)
Win Win K(g)=K

Bet amount is $200, Handicap 1 (-1.75), odd is 1.8., match result 2:0.

H1 (-2) is [(-1,75) - 0,25] H1 (-1,5) is [(-1,75) + 0,25]
Refund Win
k1=1 k2=1,8
К(g)=(1+1,8)/2= 1,4
Payment amount: 1,4х200= $280

"Combo +"

  • All combo bets with size N is added the odds X. Where:
    N - the number of outcomes in the combo;
    X - is a multiplier/odd "Combo +" which increases the payout to the player;
  • Size table "Combo +":
    4 events - X odd is 1.08;
    6 events - X odd is 1.15;
    8 events - X odd is 1.2;
    10 events - X odd is 1.5;
  • Only outcomes with odds ≥ 1.4;
  • Live and prematch bets;
  • Any bet amount;
  • If there are more than 2 events in the combo that is calculated as a "refund", the odd X=1;

Conditions for accepting bets

Bets on the outcomes of the events are accepted based on the line, which is a list of upcoming events for which Crickto sets certain quotes (winning odds). After any bet (winning odds, Totals, Handicaps, limits on the maximum bets, on "Combo", etc.), the line may be amended but conditions of previously placed bets remain the same. The sum of bets on any event cannot exceed the maximum sum specified by the current pool size during one game day (on a line dated by a single number). When the total maximum bet for the same event is reached, no more bets for this event will be accepted. Bets are accepted before the event starts, except for bets on "live" matches. Bets made by the Player after the actual start of the event or competition, regardless of the reasons, are considered by Crickto as invalid. They are either subject to refund or excluded from "Combos". Bets on "live" events are considered valid until the end of the competitions. If they are accepted for any reason after the end of the event or match or tournament, the bet is calculated with odds equal to "1".
The date and the time for the event start is listed on site for information purposes only. The incorrectly specified date or time in such a case is not sufficient reason to cancel the bet. Crickto is not responsible for the accuracy of the results information during the "live" event. Also, the start date and time of the event indicated in the line are for information purposes only, and therefore the wrong date and time are also not sufficient grounds for canceling the bet. In such a case, bets placed before the actual start of the event are considered valid. When calculating outcomes, the actual start time of the event is considered as the actual start time of the competition according to official information from the matches or tournaments organizer, as well as the websites that Crickto refers to when collecting statistics.
Crickto is not responsible for accurate translation or spelling of the names of athletes, teams, and cities where competitions (matches, tournaments) are held. The Player cannot cancel or change the bet after it has been placed on the blockchain, and the confirmation message with the bet number has appeared on the website page and/or bet slip received. If the bet has already been registered on the blockchain, a connection failure and other technical mistakes in communication are no reasons to change or cancel a bet. The loss of wallet by a Player also cannot be the reason for canceling the winnings payment request or canceling bets.

Special conditions

If the event did not start on the scheduled date and/or was officially postponed by the organizer for more than 36 hours from the start time indicated in the bet slip, - all bets on this event are calculated with the odds 1 (unless otherwise specified in the rules for that sport).

If the event was interrupted and, according to official data, was not finished within 12 hours from the start time indicated in the bet slip - all bets on this event are calculated based on the results at the time of the event interruption. Odds equal to "1" are used to calculate bets on outcomes, the results of which are not defined (unless otherwise specified in the rules for that sport).

The initial result of the event is counted for calculation in case of cancellation or change of the result (protest, disqualification for doping, etc.).

If more than one participant (team or athlete) is declared the competition winner, then bets placed on winning the competition of these participants (teams or athletes) are calculated with odds equal to "1".

The actual results of the competition are announced by Crickto based on official protocols and other reliable sources of information.

If the validator calculated that the bet was made after the outcome of an event became known or after the selected athlete/ team got a clear advantage (significant advantage in the score, sending off or substitution of player, etc.), software can cancel these bets (make a refund), both winning and losing.

Crickto uses its own data on the actual course of competitions for betting settlement. If the results of events cannot be determined (broadcast failure, lack of results in official information sources, or other reasons), these events will be settled with odds 1.

Bets settlement

Bets on the eSports events are calculated based on the General Rules, but the specific nature of the calculation is also taken into account.

Formats of Bo1, Bo2, Bo3, etc., eSports games (Best of 1, 2, 3, 5, etc.) mean the total sum of maps in the match, in which you need to collect the prevailing number of victories. The winner of the match is defined based on the number of winning maps: a Team needs to get 3 winning maps to win a Bo5 match and at least 2 winning maps to win a Bo3 match.

In case of a technical defeat (TD) on the map (in the round) or the whole match, bets on the match result, handicap or totals on the maps, and the uncertain outcomes during the announcement of TL, are settled with odds equal to "1". The reason for a technical defeat (TD) is the d lateness of the participant or the entire team, the replacement of player during the match, a DDoS attack and/or other circumstances (by the decision of the judges or organizers).

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